Lush Soil Regenerator Plus

Lush Soil Regenerator Plus (LSR+)

Faster Root and Shoot Growth • Vigorous Stems and Leaves • Shiny and Glossy Foliage • Visible Response Within a Week • Zero Fertalizer Burn

Healthier Land

Lush creates abundant and faster growth while rejuvenating soil.

Healthier Crops and Ornamental Plants

Increased yield and disease resistance, superior shine, and luster.

Healthier People

The only organic soil-health ameliorant full of scientifically balanced nutrients and native bio-matter

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We Help Agriculture Grow and Filipinos Thrive!

What is Lush?

LSR+, an organic soil micronutrients product, is sourced from aquaculture farms rich with natural sea minerals. It is enriched with organic matter, lime and effective microorganisms that naturally chelate trace elements for efficient plant absorption and soil health regeneration. This product is an important input requirement for agricultural crops and ornamental plants that results in lush growth given the right environmental conditions. 

I've never seen growth like this before!

Lush Application Instructions

We provide information online, and each order includes a small care guide booklet making application references easy for you.

Crop Suggestions

We will supply information and suggestions for amounts and application procedures for your crops and plants, to help ensure optimal growth!

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For your convenience, we offer online purchase of 1 kg, and 4kg bags of Lush,
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For 50 kg sacks and orders by the Ton, simply contact us for an estimate, including delivery.

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What Lush Customers Say

I'm a small farmer and run both a home garden and plant shop near Cavite. I use Lush in every location. Everything grows fast and strong and looks so rich in appearance. I fully recommend Lush for any person or business that wants superior and healthy growth. It has truly changed the way I operate and supplies a much better outcome!
Minda B.
Business Owner and Small Farmer
Lush Soil Regenerator Plus (LSR+)