What is Lush? A video overview.

Lush Fig (LSR+)

a 100% Organic Biosolids Soil Ameliorant

ameliorant noun:
a substance that aids plant growth primarily by improving the physical condition of the soil
  • It will help your plants and crops to propagate faster
  • It will give you healthier and lusher plant growth
  • No fertilizer burn
  • Brings out foliage gloss and vigor
  • Regenerates soil with Effective Microorganisms
  • Complete and absorbable sea trace minerals

The Right Choice to grow!

Healthier Land • Healthier Crops and Plants • Healthier People

The LSR+ ingredients are all sourced naturally. Major components are agricultural byproducts of marine aquafarm bio-sludge and aged coco peat inoculated with effective microorganisms (primarily Trichoderma sp and other locally sourced natural EMs). The routine application of lime to aquafarms and addition of polysaccharide sources as food for the EMs in the decomposition process improves the product pH and micronutrients availability to plants.

Lush Soil Regenerator Plus (LSR+)