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The Vision of Lush

Born of the Philippines

Dr. Roy Ponce the creator of Lush Soil Regenerator Plus was born in Ipil, Zamboanga Del Sur (now Zamboanga Sibugay), on the mid-southern coast of Mindanao. He received his doctorate in Statistics from the University of Melbourne, in Australia. He now resides in Mati City, Davao Oriental and is the President of Davao Oriental State University. It is there where he and his team are currently conducting experiments in the universities’ laboratories and newly expanding applications for the Lush product. These newly developed criterion are continuing to address specific needs of targeted agricultural crop success initiatives.

Taking Care of the Environment while Growing it

The 100% organic nature of the Lush product uses native species bio-matter and first-generation macro and micronutrient infusions that provide the perfect unique balance of ingredients that facilitate rapid growth and supreme plant and crop health, while providing soil regenerative power.

The Mission of Lush

Helping Farmers with Affordable and Effective Solutions

Farmers have (until the availability of Lush) been forced to use expensive fertilizers that create soil toxicity in their wake. These compounds leech into underwater aquifers and into coastal areas which degrade water quality, while stripping natural nutrients from soil. This causes dependency on fertilizers and the need for extended downtime or face crop failure and quality degradation.

Enter Lush. Lush was designed with the environment and our people in mind. Lush provides an affordable and lower cost alternative to many fertilizers while simultaneously boosting agricultural health, yield, and natural robust growth.

This saves time and money while ensuring plant health and authentic 100% organic nutrient intake during food ingestion. 

Healthier land, healthier crops, healthier people — Lush

Where to get lush

• Manila (NCR)

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